Monday, September 27, 2010

My Past work.

well i have had 2 solo exhibitions in sydney. The last was this year 2010 and sold quite a bit of working towards something that is going to take quite a bit of time to make, but here is an example of my most recent work.

This article about my work was written by Claire veal

In a world bombarded with visions of the end of humanity as it currently exists, Sydney-based artist ANTO’s entrancing, sensual images offer an alternative conception of the possibility for life and evolution in a post-apocalyptic context. Strongly influenced by the Armageddon themes of Japanese anime, ANTO’s latest exhibition “Evolution” shown at The Doctors gallery may 2010 includes paintings that dramatically imagine the cataclysmic destruction of a nuclear war and fluorescent primordial ooze that covers the earth in its wake. Also exhibited are ANTO’s ambitious recent works including crocheted sculpture and wearable art that, in echoing the kaleidoscopic colours and oceanic textures of her works on canvas, create a multi-sensory aesthetic experience for the viewer. 

 this photo was taken by the very talented and amazing Hugo Harlot.

Rejecting the stagnation of creativity in a context dominated by the mundane uniformity of mass production, ANTO’s unique, multi-layered works can be seen as a reversal of sociologist Aldof Loos’ argument in ‘Ornament and Crime’ (1908) – that the ‘progression’ of any society can be measured by how far it has moved away from ornament and decoration. As one of the creators behind the culture jamming artistic event “The Colour Parade” and avant-garde club night “The Carnival of Electric Illusions”, ANTO completely embodies a synthesis between art and life. Her rejection of the dreary, colourless forms of conventional existence extends from her art to her (in)famous wardrobe and vibrant personality.
ANTO’s experimental approach to her process has led to the unexpected inclusion of sculptural elements such as plaster in her canvases and inspired re-interpretations of traditional craft forms such as crocheting. This playful approach to the creative process produces works with a highly sentient appearance. Drawing on tools of psychoanalysis, including forms automated drawing, ANTO’s works become like psychedelic ‘ink blots’. Anthropomorphic forms of life in various stages of evolution are revealed and evaporate surprising ways that engage the viewer in an imaginative play of form that is constantly in flux. In this way ANTO’s works come full circle, revealing not only the latent subconscious workings of the artist, but also those of the viewer.
by Claire Veal 

Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Work

Well casio and i have moved to berlin and since we have been here we have been crochetting and making stuff like this, Casio Ono made his pink jumpsuit and collar and i made the headpiece.

This image was taken by by Yehuda Swed